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Dec 26, 2012 10:00am PST
the fiscal cliff. and whether or not across the board cuts should be made to all kinds of services and programs because the super committee couldn't do what it was supposed to do. this doesn't help trying to put the country forward, put americans back to work, reestablish our prominence around the country and the world as the great nation we are. we need to see much more business and action out of washington. the cities require it, mayors need it, more importantly, americans are demanding it. >> something you'd like to see action on, mayors against illegal guns, there seems to be this push towards that. mr. biden has his own commission regarding it, but there is a worry amongst some folks once time passes, once we get past the state of the union, this could fizzle out. knowing how much gun control has talked about -- >> not going to happen. >> why not? why is it going to stay a pertinent part of the conversation in the public going forward? >> i think the public has been shocked and their conscience has been put on the carpet here with this one, and the totality of newtown, aurora,
Dec 31, 2012 10:00am PST
senior republican sources saying that the tax portion of a deal on the fiscal cliff has been agreed to with the sequester. essentially the automatic cuts. the date with those going into effect still being the sticking point. republicans wanting shorter, possibly three months. democrats hoping for longer. maybe two years. how much does that factor into your calculation of whether you vote for this bill or not? when those automatic cuts design to sort of be the sort of thing hanging over the congress's head. how important is that to you when we see what the senate and if the senate but what the senate produces? >> sure. those cuts are very important. i mean, when you talk about 8% discretionary spending cuts, that's major, and it hits our constituents pretty hard. if they're talking about a temporary halting of the sequester, perhaps that maybe a good thing. of course, like to see it longer than three months. i'm just hearing this. mying 20 give taxpayers a break. people want us to get this thing done. if we have to delay to continue spending. that, of course, is all connected with job creation. certainly i would love to see just sequester he
Dec 28, 2012 10:00am PST
there is a lot of -- anger on the gop saying she's willing to take us over the fiscal cliff. even some democrats said it was too early to have that mindset. but it seems to be that's what a lot of democrats would now like to see so they can get the 250 number or bell go they certainly don't see the harm necessarily in this happening. or at least the downside doesn't necessarily -- outweigh the positives which is, as you described is the tax cut on the wealthiest earners at a certain threshold. i think that will is a difference between the two sides wanting to go over the cliff which republicans have said dash in part based on that statement that the democrats actively want to go over the cliff. i don't think that's necessarily true. i think that if there is a real danger for both sides in the short term if we go over the cliff because it is bad for the country and, therefore, that will be bad for everybody. that would be bad for the president. but it is true that democrats will be able to get, i think, more of what they want. i think it is worse for republicans. you know as well a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3